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Volaris S7 Compact

Volaris S7 Compact

Light and flexible indoor walker who also approved for outdoor use.

VolarisS7 Compact the latest in the Volaris family.
Light and flexible indoor rollator with functions for everybody. With its 50mm narrower frame makes it extra easy and maneuver in tight spaces and easier to get around.

With frame construction Comfort Frame (TM) means that the walker takes a soft, pliable front over bumps such as sills and carpets. Rollator folds easily and repository standing with his X-folding design and remains standing.

Seat and handle can be easily adjusted in height enables it to fit into several user groups. The walker is equipped with Smart handle. This means that there is no hanging wirest, everything is encapsulated in the frame. Both the journey - and the parking brake is ergonomically designed and easily available and contribute to high safety.

Volaris S7 Compact is manufactured in Sweden of recyclable materials. Design and construction is patent pending. Rollators is developed by current standards for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2005