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Why buy from Platinum Stairlifts?

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Platinum stairlifts, located in the UK, are an established, high quality stairlift company and have been trading since 1996. By designing and manufacturing our stairlifts, we can ensure our stairlifts will be perfect to fit your needs and your home, as all of our products are custom built.

The quality, safety, comfort and reliability of all our stairlifts are made to the highest standards. Once each product has gone through a number of rigorous safety checks, they are delivered with a personalised signed certificate of quality to assure you that the stairlift provided is of the highest quality we offer. We also offer an excellent level of customer service and support throughout all the departments in our business.

Our products are available through our international network of authorised stairlift dealerships, and we supply direct our dealers. Our products are currently available throughout Europe, America, Australia, and also in the UK. We ensure that we build a strong working relationship with all of our stairlift dealers and we will never directly compete with our network.

If you’re looking to purchase a stairlift, then Platinum Stairlifts can help you to find the best stair lift for your needs. All of the stairlifts we supply come with safety features as standard. These include:

Retractable seatbelt – works just as a car seatbelt would, and keeps you securely on the stairlift while it is moving.

Powered swivel –swivels the seat at the top of the stairs, which makes it easier to get off of the stairlift at the end of your journey.

Safety sensors –located on the footrest and carriage, these ensure that if anything comes into contact with the sensors while the lift is in motion, the lift will come to a gentle, but instant stop.

Key switch – allows the lift to be safely locked to prevent unauthorised use, such as by visitors or children.

Remote controls – allows you to call or park your stairlift, and is especially useful if more than one person in the household uses the stairlift as you can easily call it back to your location.

To find out more about Platinum Stairlifts, either about our award winning products or to find the location of your nearest authorised Platinum dealer, contact us via our website, or speak to one of our experienced team on +44 (0)1535 631177.

Contact Form or by direct email: enquiries@platinumstairlifts.com