Medicine on four legs: Assistance dogs for children

Interview with Tatjana Kreidler, Founder and CEO, VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde


Photo: Tatjana Kreidler with an assistant dog; Copyright: VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde

Tatjana Kreidler

Photo: Dr. Andrea Heidrich, a wheelchair user, with her assistance dogs at the VITA stand at REHACARE 2018; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk

At the stand of VITA you can inform yourself about assistance dogs.

Photo: Girl on crutches next to a sitting Golden Retriever; Copyright: VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde

Assistant dogs are more than just helpers in everyday life. They are friend, companion and soul comforter.

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Image: Elena Blume; Copyright: C. Schmitt