REHA-SLIDE Assist: wheelchair-to-car-transfer made easy


Photo: A man with a black shirt, white hair and glasses is standing between two training devices that look like the passenger compartments of cars; Copyright: TU Dresden

Jochen Rieß between two REHA-SLIDES

Photo: A female therapist in blue hospital working clothes in standing next to a man. He is sitting in a training device with a seat and a steering wheel; Copyright: Automobile Sodermanns

Sitting behind the steering wheel ever again? A lot of patients with an acquired mobility impairment can become greatly motivated again when they experience what is possible during rehabilitation.

Photo: A female therapist in blue hospital working clothes helps a patient to get into a trainingd device that looks like the passenger compartment of a car; Copyright: Automobile Sodermanns

Patients and therapists can practice the safe transfer from the wheelchair into the car using the REHA-SLIDE.

Photo: Smiling man with beard, glasses, and black shirt; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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