Labor force participation: "Breaking down mental barriers is more important than auxiliary aids and services"


Photo: Anja Winkler sits at her workplace in front of a monitor and operates a hyper-pin Braille plate system; Copyright: TU Dresden

Anja Winkler

Photo: Anja Winkler's hands in close-up while typing on a Braille display; Copyright: TU Dresden

From a Braille display to a hyper-pin Braille plate system – there are some technical aids that enable Anja Winkler to work self-determined.

Photo: Anja Winkler feels information on a tactile overview plan; Copyright: TU Dresden

Tactile overview plans hang in the individual buildings on the TU Dresden campus. These enable Anja Winkler and other visually impaired and blind people to find their way around the campus.

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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