QPATH4MS: The digitization of the multiple sclerosis care pathway


Photo: Patient Sabine H. walking down a corridor together with Prof. Tjalf Ziemssen; Copyright: Holger Ostermeyer/University Hospital Dresden

Professor Tjalf Ziemssen accompanies his patient Sabine H. during the gait analysis, which is part of the annual basic diagnosis of multiple sclerosis patients at the MS Centre of the University Hospital. Sabine H. would like to help shape QPATH4MS – just like many other patients.

The promise of digitization in personalized treatment

Photo: Six men and one woman at the presentation of the funding decisions; Copyright: Holger Ostermeyer/Uniklinikum Dresden

The starting signal for QPATH4MS was given at the beginning of September: Petra Köpping, Saxon State Minister for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion (centre), handed over the funding decisions to the project partners.

Expert patients and their expectations

Digitization promotes self-determination

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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