Of young and older siblings with or without a disability


Photo: Joshua Wolter and Nina Vietzke; Copyright: Geschwisterzeit Rhein-Main

The social workers Joshua Wolter and Nina Vietzke share the project management office of the non-profit "Geschwisterzeit Rhein-Main".

Being a sibling and the potential for conflict

Photo: Two grown-up siblings, one of them is Sascha Velten, one is Claudia Schmuelling; Copyright: Johannes Schmuelling

With his idea of founding an initiative for adult siblings, Sascha Velten was absolutely right. Today, more than one hundred siblings meet regularly and more than 250 online throughout Germany.

It all started with a mental breakdown

Photo: Two brothers talking in the kitchen; Copyright: panthermedia.net/TarasMalyarevich

The issue of frankness plays a major role in families - whether they are children or adults. An open-minded approach to disability and the related questions of everyday life facilitate a harmonious relationship between siblings.

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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