Accessible medical offices in short supply in Germany


Graphic: People with different disabilities in front of an accessible hospital; Copyright: Buchholz

Whether blind, deaf or mobility restricted - people with disabilities have quite different expectations of how a medical practice should be like in order to be accessible; © Buchholz

Photo: Collage with two ramps, one too steep and one the way it should be; Copyright: Norbert Sandmann

Two examples of worst practice and best practice: The left ramp is too steep, too narrow and because of this too dangerous. The right ramp shows an exemplary accessible entrance of a medical practice; © Norbert Sandmann

What accommodations should accessible medical offices ideally offer?

Photo: Young woman with her laptop; Copyright: Robinson

Getting an appointment via e-mail or directly on the website of the mediccal practice via an interactive calendar, can take a huge load off the minds of people with autism; © Robinson

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

© private

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