Autonomous driving – Mobility for everyone or wasted potential?


Photo: Cars in a traffic jam; Copyright:

Traffic jams, stop and go driving and a lot of frustration if you just want to get home quickly. This is how the rush hour traffic looks like in most cities. How pleasant would it be if you could read the newspaper instead?

Photo: The research vehicle F 015 of Daimler ; Copyright:  Daimler

When it comes to Daimler, the autonomous car of the future looks like this. In the research vehicle F 015, for example, it is possible to turn the front seats backwards in order to be able to communicate with the passengers.

Autonomous driving – an opportunity for more mobility for everyone?

Photo: A wheelchair-user getting in her car; Copyright: visit Berlin, Andi Weiland |

Thanks to many technically possible conversions, people with disabilities can nowadays drive cars and are therefore mobile. Visually impaired or blind people are always dependent on the help of others. Autonomous driving would be an opportunity to achieve mobility for everyone.

Technical difficulties and lots of skepticism

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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