The shark from Jaws and the leg: Frank Purk creates prosthetic limbs that are as unique as their wearers


Photo: Collage showing the shark prosthesis, prosthetic stockings and colored orthoses; Copyright: frankpurk GmbH

Frank Purk not only offers very individual prostheses such as the white shark, his main business is less elaborate individual designs using prosthetic stockings and colored orthoses.

Photo: The team of Frank Purk prosthetic design: Lorenz Lübeck, Maria Magdalena Dziadko and Frank Purk (from left to right); Copyright: frankpurk GmbH

Frank Purk (right) and his team around Lorenz Lübeck and Maria Magdalena Dziadko want to respond to individual needs and pursue holistic concepts. The orthopaedic technician has specialized in prostheses, orthoses and the design of aids in his workshop.

Photo: A child walking with orthoses in Union Jack design and crutches; Copyright: frankpurk GmbH

Especially for children, the design of the aid plays an important role. If the aid has a cool design, the self-confidence to show it grows. But the hamburger also wants adults not to be afraid to show their prosthesis in everyday life.

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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