Rehabilitation: A mix of conventional and robot-assisted therapy leads to success


Photo: Dr. Gabriele Bender; Copyright: RehaCentrum Hamburg

Dr. Gabriele Bender is Medical Director and Head Physician of Neurology at the RehaCentrum Hamburg and sees the advances that patients make during their rehabilitation with classical and robotic-supported therapy.

Photo: A physiotherapist assists a patient in using the ArmeoSpring; Copyright: Hocoma, Switzerland

In ArmeoSpring therapy, patients must be able to move their arm a little on their own, as the arm orthosis merely supports their movements.

Photo: A physiotherapist trains with his patient at ArmeoPower; Copyright: Hocoma, Switzerland

With the ArmeoPower - an arm exoskeleton - it is possible to train even an arm that shows no activity.

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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