Going on a cruise: Accessibility included


Photo: Pool landscape on deck of a cruise ship; Copyright: panthermedia.net/ncousla

Whether on deck or in the stateroom – on cruise ships it is more and more common to also think of guests with disabilities. Accessibility therefore plays an increasingly important role.

Photo collage: Volker and Iris Westermann stand in front of a statue in Asia. Iris Westermann laughs heartily into the camera on board of a cruise ship ; Copyright: Westermann

Iris and Volker Westermann are particularly fond of Southeast Asia. In March 2019 they were there on a cruise again.

Choosing a cruise line based on your needs

Photo: Jenny Bießmann on board of a cruise ship in the evening; Copyright: jenny-unterwegs.de

Jenny Bießmann has already travelled with several cruise lines. Measured by her personal needs she was satisfied with all of them.

Photo: Kathy Schwack on Lanzarote; Copright: Schwack / Ahoi und Moin Moin

Kathy Schwack always has to clarify well in advance what conditions she will encounter on site, especially during shore excursions, as she needs support for longer distances.

Informed and relaxed travel

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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