Lernladen increases future retail employees’ accessibility awareness


Photo: Two trainees in the educational venue ("Lernladen") with simulation goggles and simulation gloves in front of a product shelf; Copyright: EUKOBA e.V.

Even if the pupils were skeptical at first – after the self-awareness in the Lernladen they are always enthusiastic. Possible barriers in the head and fears of contact can be reduced by this intensive learning experience.

Photo: Young woman in the Lernladen wearing simulation goggles for visual impairment and holding products in both hands; Copyright: WDR/EUKOBA e.V.

Retail must become accessible – Patrick Dohmen and Christoph Berg agree. This includes, among other things, recognising the needs of customers with various disabilities and being able to provide appropriate assistance if needed.

Self-awareness promotes a better and deeper understanding of people with disabilities

Photo: Patrick Dohmen explains something to a trainee in the Lernladen; Copyright: WDR/EUKOBA e.V.

Patrick Dohmen from EUKOBA e.V. accompanies the trainees during their self-awareness in the Lernladen and tries to sensitize them to the different aspects of accessibility.

Accessibility: Retail has a lot of catching up to do

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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