Inclusion Must Make Noise: "Participation is not about a particular music genre"


Photo: The stage at the Wacken Open Air 2016 while the band Bullet For My Valentine plays; Copyright: Andrea Schütt

According to Ron Paustian, he has known the W:O:A like the "back of his hand for the past 25 years". However, more intimate festivals like the Metal Bash in Neu Wulmstorf are also close to his heart. "Some might consider it work, I consider it a vacation."

Photo: The team of "Inklusion Muss Laut Sein" around Ron Paustian (3rd from right); Copyright: Rezet

Contact "Inklusion Muss Laut Sein" if you have questions about specific festivals and to get free useful information. Ron Paustian (lower row, 3rd from right) is also personally available to respond to special requests and answer questions.

Photo: A wheelchair user and his two companions in mud in front of the festival area of the Wacken Open Airs; Copyright: Inklusion Muss Laut Sein

The W:O:A is always good for a story. It doesn't matter if it rains cats and dogs and everything sinks into the mud or the sun cream is the most used utensil during the three days. But the festival visitors accept it, no matter how it comes.

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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