Digitization and the new opportunities it brings to the healthcare sector


Photo: two doctors standing in front of a virtual screen depicting human organs; Copyright: panthermedia.net/hquality

German hospitals are far from being as the picture shows. The right infrastructure is needed before doctors can view their patients' organs in 3D on a virtual screen.

E-Health Act and Initiative still stalling

Digitization and data protection

Photo: wearables of the company yband therapy - so called ARYS tracker - as display item on a orange plastic hand; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

No matter if Smartwatch, heart rate monitor or like here Tracker – Wearables are trend. The ARYS system from yband therapy records the arm movements of hemiparesis or stroke patients. The corresponding smartphone app visualizes the progress in rehabilitation.

Digitization in the rehabilitation sector

Photo: arm on a mount in front of a screen; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

If you look around at trade fairs like REHACARE, you get the impression that without a gamification approach nothing is possible these days when it comes to rehabilitation. The company evolv also relies on games, fun and virtual reality to restore fine motor skills.

Home-based versus inpatient or outpatient approaches?

Personalized treatments, reduced costs

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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