Leveraging research and development to shape the future


Photo: A woman and a man are watching the 3D printng process; Copyright: PantherMedia/Monkeybusiness Images

3D printers have long been part of the basic equipment of every research laboratory. At present, work is even underway to make organs for transplantation come out of the printer.

Does innovation have to be affordable right away?

Photo: Engineer with an artificial hand, both making the "rock-on sign"; Copyright: PantherMedia/SibFilm

Bionic prostheses have long been en vogue. The current focus is on neurofeedback and more intuitive control via muscle impulses. The new prostheses are intended to give the wearer a more immediate feeling of his artificial limb and thus also alleviate phantom pain.

Magic cure neurofeedback - how modern prosthetics fight phantom pain

Photo: The Canute 360 Braille eReader in use; Copyright: Bristol Braille Technology

Blind people in particular benefit from digitization. Sometimes, however, it goes beyond the target. And something else is happening as a result of increasing mechanization: more and more people affected are virtually unable to read Braille.

When technology inadvertently becomes an obstacle

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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