"At FullAccess, the 'Accessibility All Areas' slogan says it all"

We asked Martina Gollner and Christina Riedler, founders and managing directors


Photo: Martina Gollner (left) and Christina Riedler, founders of FullAccess; Copyright: FullAccess
Photo: Wheelchair users on a music festival; Copyright: Timo Hermann |

The existence of FullAccess is due to the Metalheads of Iron Maiden. The fact that a severely impaired fan in England could enjoy the concert as much as everyone else was the initial spark for the Social Business.

Photo: Christina Riedler; Copyright: FullAccess

Christina Riedler has been an honorary companion for visually impaired people for many years. With her affinity for live music, she also infected her friend Martina Gollner.

Photo: Martina Gollner; Copyright: FullAccess

Martina Gollner is highly visually impaired from birth, but she doesn't understand why she should resign leisure time activities such as attending concerts.

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