"At the TUECHTIG coworking space, people with and without disabilities are working together – and not just next to each other"

We asked Stefanie Trzecinski, CEO of KOPF, HAND + FUSS gGmbH c/o TUECHTIG – Raum für Inklusion


Photo: Stefanie Trzecinski; Copyright: Johannes Franke
Photo: Height-adjustable desk in coworking space TUECHTIG; Copyright: Matthias Steinbrecher
"Together with the association be-able we develop and build special tables and seating facilities. Together with a wide variety of people, for example, we considered what the perfect conference table should look like."
Photo: Specially developed conference table in the Coworking Space TUECHTIG; Copyright: Genia Börner-Hoffmann
"We received a grant from the IKEA Foundation for a 'conference table for all'. This table has three different heights: The average height is the typical table height in Europe. But there is also a higher one, which is also good for wheelchair users, so that the armrests do not bump against the table top. Even taller people benefit from this height and can sit more comfortably. The third height is lower than the standard height and is suitable for people of small stature, for example".
Photo: A white piece of paper on the grey table top of the conference table; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
The table has a coloured surface so that, for example, a white sheet of paper stands out well from the background.
Photo: Slightly offset edge of the conference table; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
The table top also has a haptic boundary so that you can feel where the table ends and nothing rolls off.
Photo: Conference table slightly below, so that it is visible that it does not stand on annoying table legs; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
The table has no classic table legs, so that there are no tripping hazards for visually impaired and blind people and wheelchair users - and also so that wheelchair users can sit next to each other, for example.
Photo: Close-up of the conference table top with the different heights; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
There are no gaps between the different table heights, it is a closed table surface. "In the prototype it turned out that this is important so that there are no differences in power." Otherwise, the one who sits higher has more power than the one who sits lower. "When you sit at the table, you no longer notice the special design, but feel as if you are sitting at one table. And that's the goal of a conference: everyone should sit at the same table and talk to each other at eye level," Stefanie Trzecinski sums up the advantages of the conference table.
Photo: Sitting boxes of different height serving as seating furniture; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
Also other seating furniture have already been designed and implemented - such as these sitting boxes, which allow different seat heights to be stacked one on top of the other. If required, a backrest can also be added.
Photo: Foam chair prototype; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
This prototype of a foam chair is not only very comfortable, but also functional: the seat height and the size of the seat can be changed according to body size.
Photo: View into the spacious office space of the Coworking Space TUECHTIG; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
"All our furniture designs at TUECHTIG should spread. We have not protected anything legally. The idea is: Whoever likes it and whoever wants to use it should let us know, then they can copy it or we would also build it for the person. Our goal is that everyone can participate in society. And if anyone thinks the idea is good, let's say: Please take over! Please recreate!"
Photo: Doors coloured in different colours in the coworking space TUECHTIG; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
A specific color scheme is followed throughout coworking space: Toilet doors are grey, for example, the offices of KOPF, HAND + FUSS are red, meeting rooms have yellow doors. At the same time, simple symbols are used on the doors to make orientation even easier.
Photo: Logo of TUECHTIG at the entrance door; Copyright: beta-web/Lormis
In the coworking scene everyone is very open and focused on the common exchange. "Above all, they are very open to the idea of inclusion," says Stefanie Trzecinski.
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