Photo: A woman tries out a hearing aid device together with a man; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai

Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai

Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai: Hearing Aid Adaptation Event successfully held


On 17th December 2022, the Hearing Aid Adaptation Event, hosted by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was successfully held at the Hearing Rehabilitation Service Center of Shanghai Prosthetic Factory, bringing an end to hearing difficulties and opening up a whole new world of sound and melody for people with hearing impairments.
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Photo: business with prosthesis hand typing on computer keyboard at table in office; Copyright: LightFieldStudios


A prosthetic limb that can read my mind


Lifting a glass, making a fist, entering a phone number using the index finger: it is amazing the things cutting-edge robotic hands can already do thanks to biomedical technology. However, things that work in the laboratory often encounter stumbling blocks when put to practice in daily life. A team at FAU is investigating how intelligent prostheses can be improved and made more reliable.
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Photo: Man wearing ReBoot while walking through green park; Copyright: ReWalk Robotics Ltd.

ReWalk Robotics Ltd.

FDA awards Breakthrough Device Designation to the ReWalk ReBoot Soft Exo-Suit for stroke rehab at home


The FDA grants Breakthrough Device Designation to the ReWalk ReBoot Soft Exo-Suit for stroke rehab at home. The ReBoot is a lightweight, battery-powered orthopedic exo-suit designed to support walking function in individuals with limited ankle function due to neurological injury.
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Photo: Interior of a Mercedes in which driving with prostheses is possible due to different fittings; Copyright: F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH

F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH

F. Sodermanns Automobile: Independent driving with amputations and without certain limbs


F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH helps people without individual limbs and with amputations to drive independently using the latest technology and individual adaptations. With rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH, the company creates prostheses and orthoses using 3D scanning and 3D printing processes and adapts them to the driving aid.
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Image: Gripping mechanism of a prosthetic hand; Copyright: Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University

FAU lands $1.2 million NSF grant to transform prosthetic hand control


A project at Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering and Computer Science aims to enable amputees to maximize their individual potential for controlling the full dexterity of artificial hands. The project combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, biosensors and automated training to transform the state-of-the-art for dexterous control of prosthetic hands.
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Photo: Detail of a man walking with the help of the ReWalk exoskeleton and crutches; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Germany's second-largest health insurer accepts preliminary ruling on ReWalk exoskeletons as direct disability compensation


The health insurer BARMER accepts the second-instance ruling of the Federal Social Court North Rhine-Westphalia. This decision enables paraplegics in Germany to obtain exoskeletons as direct disability compensation on an easier pathway.
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Image: Hand opens case with wireless headphones; Copyright: koldunova


Wireless earphones work as inexpensive hearing aids


In a study conducted by the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, AirPods were tested as alternative hearing aids. The result was that the Aipods performed similarly to premium hearing aids in some aspects and could improve quality of life.
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Photo: Man wearing grip strengthening glove carbon hand watering an orchid ; Copyright: Bioservo Technologies AB

Bioservo Technologies AB

Carbonhand 2.0 approved as a medical device according to the EU-MDR


The grip-strengthening glove Carbonhand® from Bioservo is now classified and approved as a medical device under the European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR). The grip strengthening glove gives people with limited hand function additional strength and endurance in their grip and is equipped with sensors at the fingertips.
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