Photo: a girl with bangs and an orange tshirt is sitting in an toilet seat and smiling at the camera; Copyright: Sunrise Medical

Toilet time made easy, home and away – introducing the Firefly GottaGo


Firefly, part of the Leckey family circle, is pleased to announce the launch of GottaGo, a ground-breaking toilet seat, designed with a unique squat posture to make toileting easier anytime and anywhere.
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Photo: two wheelchair users; Copyright: Kessler Foundation

Spinal Cord Injury: More than half of wheelchair users needs repairs in past 6 months


Among wheelchair users with spinal cord injury 42 percent reported adverse consequences related to needing wheelchair repair. The research team determined that this ongoing problem requires action such as higher standards of wheelchair performance, access to faster repair service, and enhanced user training on wheelchair maintenance and repair.
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Photo: a amle's ear with a hearing device; Copyright: PantherMedia / Andriy Popov

AI improves speech understanding of hearing aid users


In noisy environments, it is difficult for hearing aid or hearing implant users to understand their conversational partner because current audio processors still have difficulty focusing on specific sound sources. In a feasibility study, researchers from the Hearing Research Laboratory at the University of Bern are now suggesting that artificial intelligence could solve this problem.
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Photo: a small heraing device, about the size of a rice grain; Copyright: Vibrosonic GmbH

Hearing impairment: A contact lens for the ear


To help improve the quality of life of people with hearing impairment, Mannheim start-up Vibrosonic have developed a new, innovative hearing aid with an integrated loudspeaker that sits directly on the eardrum. This hearing contact lens® is not an implant, and the sound quality it delivers outperforms other hearing systems currently on the market.
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Photo: 4Front 2 wheelchair with raspberry painted elements; Copyright: Quantum Rehab

Wish fulfilled: New 4Front wheelchair from Quantum


Consumers, ATPs and clinicians asked for some improvements to the 4Front® and Quantum Rehab listened. So they launched the 4Front 2 with the new Smart Traction Control (STC), which, along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provides stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance.
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Photo: a man in a wheelchair leaving his car over a ramp; Copyright: PARAVAN

Independently mobile with PARAVAN


Hans Joachim is mobile again. In his Peugeot Traveller, he used to operate the accelerator and brake with Space Drive using the accelerator-brake slider. But due to the vibrations, he also gave slight impulses to the input device when he didn't actually want to operate it. A case for the mobility tinkerers at PARAVAN.
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