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2019 Season: HASE BIKES Shows Attention to Detail

In recent years, HASE BIKES has been busy innovating and developing new bike and trike models. For the 2019 season the company has shifted its focus to the development of new accessories and the redesign of existing ones.
In 2018 HASE BIKES stirred up the market with the introduction of its new trike models, the TRIGO and TRIGO UP with under- and over-seat steering respectively. The modular trikes, which boast infinite adjustability, a Shimano Steps retrofit option and an affordable entry-level price, have already established themselves on the trike scene – particularly in the area of adaptive cycling.
In response to multiple requests, the company is now adding a useful new TRIGO accessory: the sturdy Push Bar for occasional course corrections, helpful nudges or continuous pushing. In combination with a support person, the Push Bar gives riders the assurance of being able to get where they need to go – a principle that has already proven itself with HASE BIKES’ trikes for younger riders. The bar, which is easy to attach by means of a frame-tube insert, only has one drawback: it’s not compatible with the basket. However, there’s also good news for basket lovers: the TRIGO series is now using an original Racktime part for the basket mount. Why? Because it fits perfectly to the Racktime Basket – which is also pleasing to the eye...
The third TRIGO-related update is a transition to the Nexus gear hub for models with under-seat steering. Riders will appreciate the effortless shifting. After the introduction of the new TRIGO NEXUS, the “old” TRIGO model with rear derailleur will be phased out. All TRIGO models are fully configured, which means shorter delivery times and a lower price, thanks to series production.
An update that HASE BIKES is particularly proud of is its redesigned Crank Shortener. The small accessory with a big impact reduces the pedal radius, enabling people with legs of different lengths or restrictions in leg mobility to optimise their physical therapy and fitness training. The new Crank Shortener is more robust than the previous version and has a more organic look because it’s forged instead of milled. The real sensation, however, is the wide adjustment range: thanks to four adjustment screws, the new Crank Shortener can even be properly aligned when attached to the curved part of offset crank arms. This means that the axes remain parallel so that the foot does not have to compensate by constantly changing its orientation or “wobbling around”. A thin plate on the rear surface of the Crank Shortener protects the crank arms from scratching during attachment, adjustment or removal. For 2019 HASE BIKES is also coming out with a redesigned Pendulum Pedal that offers the same advantages in handling and attachment.
The favourite accessory of all uphill trikers is the differential. This clever piece of engineering transmits power to both rear wheels, improving traction and taking the bite out of steep climbs. For all trikes with hub gears, HASE BIKES is now offering a new differential sans freewheel, which significantly improves the shifting performance. As an added bonus: it’s even less expensive than the standard version!
Please contact: Gina Wilbertz, +49 2242 9016613, hasebikes@amedes.de

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