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A Tool that Affects the Senses

Among 700 exhibitors of the international trade fair, the interactive sound cushion inmu™ from Denmark is presented for the second time. The fair trade stand in Hall 4 / D23 attracts trade fair visitors with a brief moment of peace. In addition to numerous every day and care aids from other suppliers, the inmu is characterized by barrier-free technology and the highest aesthetic design standards. At the beginning of 2019, this unique innovation received the German Design Award 2019 in the “Special Mention” category. The versatile benefits of this unique sound pillow can be seen in dementia, mental illness, stress, rehabilitation or dental phobia.

What is an inmu?
The inmu is the first multi-sensory stimulation tool worldwide that uses interactive music. Interactive music is music that can be controlled by the user. Inside the round sound cushion is an advanced software with artificial intelligence (AI), which reacts actively to touch and movement. No matter how gentle the interaction may be, it unfolds a meditative acoustic world that sounds quite individual depending on motion and user, forming a unique melody.

The award-winning design has been developed to fit every hand and body. Small haptic elements invite to explore. The handling is simple and intuitive for children, caring relatives, or seniors. Especially weak and mentally disabled users benefit from the easy handling of the comprehensive tool. There are no confusing switches and no need for a remote control or app. A light touch is enough to activate the inmu. Pleasant vibrations – precisely attuned to the music – enable individuals with severely impaired hearing to use the inmu.

Versatile Use
The inmu was first developed for people with dementia. Here it proves to be a dignified everyday companion. It provides peace, helps to reduce frustration, and promotes joy through sensory stimulation. In the meantime, however, inmu has found enthusiastic users in various areas: in nursing care to avoid conflicts in nursing situations, sleep disorders and stress, mental illnesses or in the rehabilitation of people with brain damage. It can help calm and distract patients experiencing dental phobia while providing a quieter working environment for dentists.

Two inmu Models
Depending on the area of application and need, the user can choose between two inmu models. While the inmuRELAX provides deep, meditative sound worlds for relaxation, calming and well-being, the inmuDANCE promotes movement, serenity and not least pleasure through a musical universe inspired by the 60s and the lightness of bossa nova.

The cover consists of hypoallergenic organic cotton (inmuRELAX), polyester (inmuRELAX), or an mixed cotton-polyester fabric (inmuDANCE) according to ÖKO-TEX Standard 100. The latter fulfill the hygiene standards of nursing homes (washable at 60° C).

About inmu
Anders Hansen and Toni Marquard are the founders of the inmu technology. Their shared interest in improving the quality of life derives from a personal family experience with dementia. Together with composer Asger Steenholdt, designer Emilie Wiehe and their team of engineers, they launched the inmu in autumn 2017. It has since improved the quality of life of many users worldwide.

The success and development of this unique, intuitively usable and beneficial therapy tool has already won the German Design Award 2019, the nomination for “Best New Rehab Product” at Health & Rehab Scandinavia 2018 and the Danish Design Award in the category “Healthy Life.”

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