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C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system

Intelligent computer technology supports the stance and swing phase

The C-Brace® can be used in the event of neurological disorders of the lower limbs, such as incomplete paraplegia or polio. With such disorders, users have so far had to walk either with paralysis orthoses that are locked during the entire motion sequence, or with stance control orthoses (SCOs). These are locked as soon as the user steps down with the leg, and unlock in the swing phase.

The C-Brace® is the world’s only SSCO®* orthotronic mobility system, which uses integrated computer technology to intelligently control both the stance and swing phase. The special feature is that users can bend their knee under load. This allows them to walk more naturally on inclines or over uneven terrain, to go down stairs step-over-step and to sit down. The innovative sensor technology supports the user during the entire gait cycle, and the C-Brace® adapts to each movement in everyday situations in real time.

The second generation of the microprocessor-controlled orthotronic mobility system was released in July 2018. This system includes extensive new features for both technicians and users. In particular, the user benefits from further improvements to the sensor technology that make the C-Brace® intuitive to use. The entire motion sequence is more dynamic and natural. Test users appeared excited about the new walking experience. The joint unit is now also much smaller and lighter than the predecessor version, so it can even be worn under clothing.

Users can make minor changes to the system within a specified safety range using a smartphone app. Medical supply companies – with certification – are now able to assemble the C-Brace® themselves using one of two fabrication methods (prepreg or with Orthopox epoxy resin). With a specially developed app, the technician adapts the C-Brace® in easy steps. 

* SSCO = Stance and Swing Phase Control Orthosis

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