SANO Transportgeraete GmbH

The specialist in portable stairclimbers: SANO Transportgeraete GmbH

SANO Transportgeraete GmbH is an international mechanical engineering company founded by Jochum Bierma in 1989, with its headquarters in Lichtenberg near Linz / Austria. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of health promoting transport and lifting devices. The headquarters has developed and manufactured a range of stairclimbing technologies that have been patented worldwide.

SANO Transportgeraete GmbH has two subsidiaries - one in Germany and one in Great Britain. The export quota is more than 90 percent. The LIFTKAR range is exported worldwide to more than 50 countries.

The firm has been certified for the management system as of EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 quality management system medical devices. Sano's LIFTKAR PT series offers innovative mobility solutions for people with problems walking. The second focus of the company is in manufacturing transport equipment for promoting a healthy working life.

The innovative company is involved in various research projects, relies on quality training with an international opportunities offered by its own apprenticeship programme and operates partnerships with schools.

Managing Director Manfred Winkler says that the economic success of the company is due especially to their ability to listen and understand the customers` requests and consequently supply innovative solutions. The dedicated, high performance SANO transport equipment team combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. These factors are incorporated into the company's high quality products.

Statement by Managing Director Manfred Winkler: "REHACARE Düsseldorf is the most important rehabilitation trade fair for our company. It features a high level of internationality regarding both exhibitors and customers. For an international business – specialised in the development and manufacture of powered stairclimbers – REHACARE Düsseldorf is the ideal platform for entering the public's view. Talking to customers in person is important to me, so we can provide them with the information they need, exchange experiences and present our company. Gaining trust and presenting our products are our objectives at this international trade fair. From our regular customers we receive a great deal of positive feedback on their satisfaction with our products. What they appreciate about SANO Transportgeraete GmbH is reliability, quality and our personal service."

Statement by Managing Partner Elisabeth Bierma: "People's health awareness and the health care offered by employers has greatly increased in recent years.Our company – which has been specialising in the development and manufacture of health promoting products for more than 25 years – is right up to date in this respect, responding to these needs. With our equipment we are making a considerable contribution to improving the quality of life of people with difficulties walking. Thanks to the use of our equipment at work, we are contributing to health, safety and accident prevention. That we are on the right path is expressed by our customers' appreciation of our products. The health aspect is a key component of our company culture, which we also follow ourselves."

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