From scanning to 3D printing: the workshop goes digital


Photo: A technician sits in front of a laptop showing a scanned knee. An Ottobock employee stands next to him and explains something to him; Copyright: Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH

Service is a top priority at Ottobock: In addition to options for 3D scanning and printing of individually manufactured aids, their iFab platform also includes personal consultation and training on the software solutions offered.

Innovation starts with an idea

Digital solutions are an extension of the workbench, not a replacement

Photo: a man designing a orthesis on a computer; Copyright: Mecuris GmbH

Orthopaedic technicians don't have much time to try out new digital applications in their daily work – but this is different in the home office.

How the global pandemic gives digitization a boost

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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