Heike Führ - That's how she rolls

Having a closer look and not judging too fast – that’s what Heike Führ wants from her environment. For, not every disability is obvious and perceptible for everybody. That’s why she campaigns for enlightenment concerning Multiple Sclerosis and its invisible symptoms. To what extent they also influence her life, she tells us on


Photo: Heike Führ; Copyright: Ingrid Fey

Heike Führ; © Ingrid Fey

Photo: Heike Führ with her dog; Copyright: Ingrid Fey

As a blogger and author Heike Führ spends a lot of time with her laptop (also see photo above), but her soul dog Smiley is always with her; © Ingrid Fey

Grafik: So tickt; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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