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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Ines Helke; Copyright: private

Ines Helke – That's how she rolls


With black clothes and white gloves Ines Helke stands on stage and performs – together with the sign language choir 'HandsUp'. Why one of the choir members had a special influence on her and what kind of visions she has concerning inclusion and participation, she tells us on
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Photo: Anja Hebel while climbing; Copyright: private

Anja Hebel – That's how she rolls


Leaving the comfort zone and doing things people don't expect from her, let alone trust her to be able to do – Anja Hebel loves to go beyond boundaries. The born fighter can't be knocked down by anything. Why invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses are close to her heart and what she thinks about stereotyped thinking, she tells us on
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Photo: Til Augustin; Copyright: Sandra Schink

Til Augustin – That's how he rolls


The halfpipe is his sports field, the wheelchair his sports equipment: At the second international German WCMX Championship, Til Augustin became German Champion in his starting class D3/Intermediate in mid-May. Which (sporty) wishes are still open, the wheelchair skater tells us on
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Photo: Ninia Binias; Copyright: Simona Bednarek

Ninia Binias – That's how she rolls


She loves fashion, hippos and the creative use of words. As a slam poet, author and presenter, Ninia Binias – stage name Ninia LaGrande – is a sought-after guest at many events. What she cares about most and which system she would like to revolutionize completely, she tells us at
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Photo: Tanja Kollodzieyski; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Tanja Kollodzieyski – That's how she rolls


In social media she is well known as Rollifraeulein and recently Tanja Kollodzieyski also founded her own Twitter project to increase the visibility of people with various disabilities. To what extent we are all a puzzle and what kind of connection she would like to have with a German actress, she tells us on
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