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Photo: Portrait of a young blonde woman - Edith Arnold; Copyright: Andi Weiland | www.andiweiland.de

Edith Arnold – That's how she rolls


Edith Arnold calls for self-determination for people with disabilities – especially in matters of sexuality. She has not only made this concern her profession, it is also the content of her blog. Why she is especially affected by the Corona Crisis and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Carolin Wegner with a black cat in her arms; Copyright: Carolin_We_

Carolin Wegner – That's how she rolls


Carolin Wegner has already had to overcome many hurdles in her life: prejudices against people with disabilities, physicians who did not take her seriously, and the negative influence of some fellow human beings. But she could and can always count on the support of her family and friends. How her cats can make her laugh and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Face of laughing Julia Dumsky; Copyright: Dumsky

Julia Dumsky – That's how she rolls


Whether in terms of education or mobility – Julia Dumsky wishes for a world in which all people have the same opportunities and which has overcome the climate crisis. Because human rights and nature are particularly close to her heart. How she otherwise rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Anas Alhakim sitting cool in his wheelchair; Copyright: Mohammad Abo Shukur

Anas Alhakim – That's how he rolls


There's no such thing as "This doesn't work"! This is the attitude that Anas Alhakim's father gave him from the beginning. It not only shaped him, but certainly helped him to find a clear answer to a question that had been on his mind for years. Which insights he draws from the Corona crisis and how he otherwise rolls, he tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Regina Rikowski; Copyright: Roche Pharma AG

Regina Rikowski – That's how she rolls


Many did not believe in her, but Regina Rikowski proved them wrong: In her first mega march in 2019, she did 40 kilometers in a row. In any case, she did not let her multiple sclerosis slow her down. Who she has to thank for this fighting spirit and how she rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Marion Bender after a lecture on stage, in the background the audience gives standing ovations; Copyright: Dominik Pfau

Marion Bender – That's how she rolls


Standing up begins in the head – Marion Bender has already learned this in the past. And that's why the keynote speaker wants to motivate other people to lead a self-determined life, which is exactly what they want. What else moves her and how she rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Lea Beutnagel looks into the camera with a smile; Copyright: Lea Beutnagel

Lea Beutnagel – That's how she rolls


Incurably happy – that is not only the name of her blog, but also her attitude towards life. Lea Beutnagel has only become even stronger by the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. What she has – nevertheless – not dared to do so far and what is the best medicine for her in life in general, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Nadja Schmid in front of a Buddhist picture; Copyright: private

Nadja Schmid – That's how she rolls


Improving the world a little bit, living in harmony with nature and offering unrestricted assistance to people with disabilities – Nadja Schmidt knows: Without her disease spinal muscular atrophy, she would not have become the person she is today. Who is always by her side and what her big dream is, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Kevin Hoffmann looks out of the window with a smile; Copyright: private

Kevin Hoffmann – That's how he rolls


Never give up and look ahead – that is exactly what Kevin Hoffmann has already done. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he first fell into depression, but then fought his way back into a self-determined life on his own. What exactly makes him and others a fighter heart and who has always believed in him, the Social Media Manager tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Nadine Kleine laughing outside; Copyright: Vincenzo Gullotta

Nadine Kleine – That's how she rolls


Unafraid and motivated to just tackle and do things – that is Nadine Kleine. What she was taught since childhood days, she still lives by today. What she nevertheless does not dare to do and why she would like to be Usain Bolt for a while, the medical student tells us on REHACARE.com.
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