Mischa Gohlke - That's how he rolls

Borders are relative to him! With the inclusion song "Being different unites us" (German: "AndersSein vereint") Mischa Gohlke and other artists showed us with the help of music, how holistically lived participation in a society can look like. To what extend all of us are disabled and how strong his love for music and his commitment for inclusion are, he tells us on REHACARE.com.


Photo: Mischa Gohlke holding a microphone; © Stephan Olbrich

Mischa Gohlke; © Stephan Olbrich

Photo: Mischa Gohlke on stage, playing an electric guitar; © Stephan Olbrich

Already as a teenager Mischa Gohlke started to get excited about playing the guitar. This passion lasts until today; © Stephan Olbrich