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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Thijs Hendriks; Copyright: private

Thijs Hendriks – That's how he rolls


Thijs Hendriks is a tetraplegic and supports the rights of people with spinal paralysis in his association "Quereinsteiger" (lateral entrants). He tries to support those affected and their relatives in the first period after accidents. On Thursday at the TREFFPUNKT, he tells us that a life with even the most severe physical disability is worthwhile. What else moves him, he tells at
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Photo: Franziska Wetzl; Copyright: FibroFee

Franziska Wetzl – That's how she rolls


Franziska Wetzl writes on her blog named FibroFee with a big pinch of humor about life with a chronic dung heap under her boots. Why her humor is simple, why she is committed to more awareness for visible and invisible disabilities and why she is obsessed with the idea of a "Wishing-Table", she tells us at
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Photo: Andrea Schütt at Wacken 2019; Copyright: private

Andrea Schütt – That's how she rolls


Seven years ago Andrea Schütt won our competition "Pimp my Wheelchair" with her Wacken wheelchair. And still today her passion for the Metal festival is unbroken. Why exactly this passion is leading her to REHACARE this year and how she rolls in general, she tells us on
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Photo: Ronja Holze shows her muscles; Copyright: private

Ronja Holze – That's how she rolls


The sport has helped Ronja Holze through a hard time. At the Pfeffersport children's and inclusion sports club she focused on wheelchair basketball. David Lebuser brought her to WCMX. She is currently German Champion. The 19-year old has learned that you have to fight for your success. On she tells us how she rolls.
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Photo: Eliza Gawin; Copyright: Tabea Keinath

Eliza Gawin – That's how she rolls


The ignorance of an appropriate way to deal with people with disabilities are the factors that Eliza Gawin often finds disturbing about her fellow human beings. But even the 25-year-old first had to learn that a relationship is also possible with a disability. Who helped her gain this insight and why the web designer did not have to buy plastic straws for years, she tells us at
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