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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Mario Harig on his trike; Copyright: private

Mario Harig – That's how he rolls


An accident at work changed Mario Harig's life and made him a pensioner at the age of 34. But for the trained scaffolder that was no reason to be bitter. Quite the opposite. Why he likes life and who his role model is, he tells us at
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Photo: Kai Bosch; Copyright: Monkey 7

Kai Bosch – That's how he rolls


Kai Bosch lives out his love of language in every conceivable way – whether on stage, in book form or with music. But the Poetry Slamer also passes on his knowledge in workshops – for clubs, associations and in schools. The exchange with others is very important to him. Why this is so and how he rolls otherwise, he tells us at
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Photo: Kira Dodillet; Copyright: private

Kira Dodillet – That's how she rolls


Invisible disabilities such as multiple sclerosis need more acceptance and attention in our society. Kira Dodillet is convinced of this. What else is very important to her and what she would probably shock her mother with, she tells us on
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Photo: Björn Schnake; Copyright: private

Björn Schnake – That's how he rolls


Björn Schnake is an incredibly talented table tennis player. Last year he played his way from zero to place eleven in the world ranking list in class seven of the standing athletes. His big dream is to participate at Tokyo 2020, but why he needs financial support and how he rolls when he is not playing, he tells us at
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Photo: Kim Heinrich in front of a lake; Copyright: F. Rehse

Kim Heinrich – That's how she rolls


At the age of 23, Kim Heinrich does not yet feel ready to take on such a responsible position as the Commissioner for the Disabled. But whom she would appoint as her advisor in this case and why the student appreciates unconditional honesty, she tells us at
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