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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Woman - Annette Jablonski - concentrated while painting with a kind of thick brush; Copyright: privat

Annette Jablonski – That's how she rolls


Annette Jablonski wants to be a role model as an artist. She dreams of becoming self-employed and offering art courses for other people with disabilities. Who has influenced her on her way to her art, which questions she asks herself and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on
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Photo: Portrait of a woman with short hair - Andrea Lauer - who looks into the camera from below and smiles slightly; Copyright: Fräulein Fotograph

Andrea Lauer – That's how she rolls


She would like to make all information and applications of authorities available in Easy-to-Read language – that would be one of Andrea Lauer's first official acts as Commissioner for the Disabled. Because equality is close to her heart. Who and what else is important to her in life, to what extent a stranger has influenced her the most and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on
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Photo: young woman with dark hair and bangs - Eliza - in wheelchair; Copyright: privat

Eliza – That's how she rolls


Everyone benefits from accessibility – and that is precisely why, as Commissioner for the Disabled, Eliza's first official act would be to tackle this issue. What is also close to her heart, which author has especially influenced her and how she otherwise rolls, she tells on
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Photo: young man with glasses in an electric wheelchair connected to a ventilation system - Marcel Renz; Copyright: Florian Müller

Marcel Renz – That's how he rolls


Marcel Renz wants to show that people with disabilities are like everyone else. As Commissioner for the Disabled, this would be exactly the goal of his campaign. Because every person should be accepted and respected as she or he is. Who has influenced him positively in his life and how he otherwise rolls, he tells on
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Photo: young brunette woman with glasses - Katrin Bittl - in a wheelchair in baroque furnished surroundings; Copyright: Katrin Bittl

Katrin Bittl – That's how she rolls


"Disability begins in people's minds," says Katrin Bittl, who would like people to stop defining themselves as disabled or non-disabled. What makes the artist laugh, what she would do out of delusions of grandeur and how she otherwise rolls, she tells on
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