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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Kevin Hoffmann looks out of the window with a smile; Copyright: private

Kevin Hoffmann – That's how he rolls


Never give up and look ahead – that is exactly what Kevin Hoffmann has already done. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he first fell into depression, but then fought his way back into a self-determined life on his own. What exactly makes him and others a fighter heart and who has always believed in him, the Social Media Manager tells us on
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Photo: Nadine Kleine laughing outside; Copyright: Vincenzo Gullotta

Nadine Kleine – That's how she rolls


Unafraid and motivated to just tackle and do things – that is Nadine Kleine. What she was taught since childhood days, she still lives by today. What she nevertheless does not dare to do and why she would like to be Usain Bolt for a while, the medical student tells us on
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Photo: Betty Schätzchen; Copyright: Annette Koroll

Betty Schätzchen – That's how she rolls


As Federal Commissioner for the Disabled, Betty Schätzchen would like to shake up the German government and would particularly support the needs of deaf and hearing-impaired people. Her self-declared goal: to free people with disabilities from barriers and to relieve them through accessibility. At she tells us how she rolls.
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Photo: Alexandra Leyer; Copyright: private

Alexandra Leyer – That's how she rolls


Active relapses of multiple sclerosis show up in MRT images as white spots. And exactely these spots made Alexandra Leyer live her life more consciously and love it above all. Therefore she writes down her experiences in her blog called Wunderflecken ('wonder spots'). Which person solved many other of her inner conflicts, she tells us at
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Photo: Rosalie Renner; Copyright: private

Rosalie Renner – That's how she rolls


Including affected persons in the legislative process should actually be a matter of course. However, Minister Jens Spahn's current health policy does not do this enough. Which is why Rosalie Renner would like to have a serious word with him. How she rolls besides that, what helps her through difficult times for example and why self-irony is a way to get at eye level, she tells us at
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