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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Felix Brückner at the stage during a gig with his band Fheels; Copyright:

Felix Brückner – That's how he rolls


Felix Brückner is a wheelchair user – so far, so (at least theoretically) unspectacular. Nevertheless, the man from Hamburg stands out. Most of the audience of a concert have never seen a frontman in a wheelchair. The musician wants to change that with his buddies Jens, Tobi and Justus. Why mirror images play a role and what he would like to change in society, he tells us on
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Photo: Dr. Thomas Frey casually leaning against a wall; Copyright: Photographie Nathalie Michel

Dr. Thomas Frey – That's how he rolls


Whether surfing, fitness or golf – being physically active is simply part of Dr. Thomas Frey's life. The idea of inclusion and participation is particularly important to him. Which other topics and also people play an important role in his life, he tells us on
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Photo: A black and white portrait of Julia Lüttmann; Copyright:

Julia Lüttmann – That's how she rolls


Just because a disease can make life more difficult, it doesn't mean it's impossible – laughing, for example. Julia Lüttmann has internalised that. She would like to be healthy, but she still has not lost her laughter. What exactely makes her laugh and who helps her when she feels like crying, she tells us at
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Photo: Simone Lai; Copyright: Ayse Tasci

Simone Lai – That's how she rolls


Traveling is her passion: Simone Lai loves to explore the world. That this is also possible as a whellchair user is what she reports on her blog. And she doesn't mince her words! What kind of travel she still has problems with and how she rolls, she tells us on
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Photo: Peter Lammer; Copyright: STANDING OVATION

Peter Lammer – That's how he rolls


Doing what you love, even if life has put a supposedly big chunk in your way. Or as Peter Lammer says: "In order to change things, we have to allow ourselves to reach for the stars." Why a canyoning tour is too dangerous for the "floating" chef and why work has to do with joie de vivre, he tells us at
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