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Overview: How we roll

Photo: Lukas Schiwy; Copyright: Mika Volkmann

Lukas Schiwy – That's how he rolls


2020 is an important year for Paralympic sport. Whether Lukas Schiwy will fly to Tokyo with the national team in sitting volleyball will not be decided until March. What other sports event he has been lacking time for and what he thinks of the REHACARE he tells in HOW WE ROLL.
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Photo: Christian Heintz in his soccer dress; Copyright: Anpfiff ins Leben

Christian Heintz – That's how he rolls


Christian Heintz has already stood on the sports field with Dirk Nowitzki and Leon Draisaitl. Both athletes are well known in the USA. In addition to basketball and ice hockey, the amputee soccer player is also attracted by American football. Why the Super Bowl would be the icing on the cake and which motto is particularly close to his heart, he tells us at
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Photo: Erik Machens; Copyright: Frank Wildmann

Erik Machens – That's how he rolls


At REHACARE 2019, Erik Machens transformed the exhibition hall into a dance floor and impressed many visitors with his performance. How he felt about the atmosphere at the trade fair and why wheelchair dancing is a particularly inclusive sport for him, he tells us at
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Photo: Lea Raak; Copyright: private

Lea Raak – That's how she rolls


A misdiagnosis almost cost Lea Raak her life in 2011. This is one of the reasons why she wants to clear up prejudices against diabetes type 1 on her blog. But she also wants to give other people affected a voice. What is close to her heart besides more love and empathy and how she would promote inclusion in Germany, she tells us on
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Photo: Claudia Neun in her wheelchair; Copyright: Mike Wenski

Claudia Neun – That's how she rolls


Fashion Week – that would be great! And not as a spectator, but as a booked model. That's what wheelchair user Claudia Neun wants. What other dreams and goals the model with MS has and who made her choose this career path in the first place, she tells us on
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