Image: View on an arm and a leg of a person from above; Copyright: Tohoku University

Virtual training improves physical and cognitive functions


Researchers at the Smart-Aging Research Center (IDAC) at Tohoku University have developed an innovative training protocol that, utilizing immersive virtual reality (IVR), leads to real physical and cognitive benefits.
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Image: A person wearing an exoskeleton with different sensors; Copyright: N. Hanacek/NIST

Exoskeleton research marches forward with NIST study on fit


A shoddily tailored suit or a shrunken T-shirt may not be the most stylish, but wearing them is unlikely to hurt more than your reputation. An ill-fitting robotic exoskeleton, however, could be a much bigger problem than a fashion faux pas.
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Image: A physiotherapist is doing exercises for the knee with an older man; Copyright: PantherMedia/Andriy Popov

Osteoarthritis: Conservative therapy delays need for knee and hip joint replacement


"It is wise to consider all non-surgical treatment options before resorting to an artificial hip or knee joint implant," said EULAR President Prof. Iain B. McInnes, University of Glasgow, Scotland.
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Image: Three researchers are presenting a black glove; Copyright: National University of Singapore

Researchers develop smart gaming glove with medical uses


Simply flex your index finger to fire your weapon and rotate your wrist clockwise to move forward. Immersive controls have always been a pipedream in the world of gaming but is steadily becoming reality.
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Image: A person with crutches and an exoskeleton is walking along a hospital hallway; Copyright: PantherMedia/chudakov

Robot technology for everyone or only for the average person?


People come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and with different needs. Robot technology needs to reflect that.
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Image: Several men help a child riding a horse; Copyright: Asociación RUVID

The importance of balance and postural control in children with autism spectrum disorders


Doctoral candidate of the Education Program of Castellón’s Jaume I University (UJI), Juan Vives Vilarroig, has highlighted in his thesis the importance of working on basic aspects such as balance and postural control to improve sensory integration in children with autism spectrum disorders, using horses as the main elements of this intervention.
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Image: A physiotherapist is doing exercises for the shoulder with a young man; Copyright: PantherMedia/AndreyPopov

Exercise and injections promising for shoulder pain in wheelchair users


A team of specialists in regenerative rehabilitation reported positive results from pilot study of the combination of a single injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and a home-based exercise program, for wheelchair users with recalcitrant shoulder pain.
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Image: Computer-generated image of a yello stick figure walking; Copyright: Tohoku University

Putting the spring-cam back into stroke patients steps


A research group has developed a new, lightweight and motor-less device that can be easily attached to an ankle support device - otherwise known as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). The new device will aid stroke patients in their rehabilitation, improving their walking and preventing falls.
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Image: A man is sitting next to a woman who has one missing arm. Between them, there is a prosthetic arm; Copyright: UPMC

Spinal stimulators repurposed to restore touch in lost limb


Imagine tying your shoes or taking a sip of coffee or cracking an egg but without any feeling in your hand. That is life for users of even the most advanced prosthetic arms.
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Image: An older woman with a walking cane is trying to get up from the couch; Copyright: PantherMedia/VitalikRadko

Do not let social isolation keep you from being active


By now, we are all aware that COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older adults - the older you are, the higher your risk for serious illness and even death if you contract the virus. Because there is no treatment or a vaccine yet, it is vitally important that we practice social distancing and wear masks to protect ourselves from disease.
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Image: A person with a complex prosthetic lower leg is standing on a treadmill; Copyright: University of Texas at Dallas

Space station motors improve a robotic prosthetic leg


A new robotic prosthetic leg prototype offers a more natural gait while also being quieter and more energy efficient than other designs.
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Photo: Mela Ikanovic and a ReWalker at the trade fair booth of ReWalk Robotics; Copyright: ReWalk Robotics

ReWalk Robotics: Optimal supply thanks to the latest robotic technology


Rehabilitation and robotics increasingly go hand in hand. That’s why it is crucial to ensure the quality of robotic rehabilitation at any level. How important is it for companies like ReWalk Robotics to have the support of health insurance companies? asked and also learned about the company’s future hopes for the industry.
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Photo: Sensory insole by novapace lying in front of a tablet on a table; Copyright: novapace

Parkinson's disease: Greater gait stability thanks to smart insoles


Gentle vibrations delivered to feet alert users to dangerous situations as they walk and prompt a more normalized gait pattern. That’s the concept behind the sensory orthotic insoles by novapace. In this interview, Simon Staffa, project manager at novapace, explains how this technology can help people with Parkinson's disease and describes the opportunities digitization brings to rehabilitation.
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Photo: Speaker in the Forum

Kinaesthetics: "People learn to pay attention to their own body motions"


Caregiving activities are physically exhausting. This is why it is important both for nursing staff and caregiving family members to optimize their physical movements. Sabine Sieben is a kinesthetic trainer and spoke with about the kinesthetic concept and its advantages for in-home care.
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Photo: Hedwig Reiffs with a visitor and a wheelchair driver

"Comprehensive accessibility would benefit all of us"


What is it like when you have to manage everyday life in a wheelchair? And what effects do age-related limitations have on mobility? Interested parties can experience this with the help of a wheelchair course and an age simulation suit. spoke with Hedwig Reiffs from the Self-Help Organization of Physically Disabled Persons Bonn, who recently attended this kind of adventure day.
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