Photo: Hands on a braille display at a laptop; Copyright: Michel Arriens |

Creating an accessible workplace: inclusive software for people with and without disabilities


Optimized technical workflows that efficiently accommodate blind, visually impaired and sighted people – the inclusive software by Dräger & Lienert GbR makes it reality. In this interview, Hansjörg Lienert explains how a small company in Marburg has managed to succeed in international markets and reveals why entrepreneurs sometimes have to take risks to thrive.
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Photo: Wheelchair user drives on the rear ramp of a BerlKönig vehicle; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Mobility: New solutions and ideas to promote participation


Creative people who develop apps that drive greater mobility or experts who customize vehicles to meet unique needs – people with disabilities often have to some extent rely on others to make self-determined mobility a reality. It’s clear that mobility is not a matter of course for stakeholders. Which solutions could offer support in the future?
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Photo: Michel Arriens and Franziska Stoldt sitting in front of their VW Bulli bus on a camping site; Copyright: private

Modifications: Self-determined mobility thanks to accessible VW Bulli Bus


Whether it’s for their professional life or to travel – many people with disabilities need a car that provides mobility without limits. A small car is often unable to accommodate unique needs. That’s when you need a bigger vehicle – like a minivan.
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Photo: The TiPY keyboard for one hand; Copyright: Drory Handels GmbH

"TiPY is designed to accomplish the same things with one hand as you can with a standard two-handed keyboard"


Microsoft has led the way and launched an adaptive controller to enable people with physical disabilities to have nearly the same complete gaming experience as people without disabilities. Mattheaus Drory achieved a similar result. In this interview with, he admits that he initially didn’t necessarily have people with disabilities in mind when he developed his one-handed keyboard.
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Photo: map of Germany

Accessibility should be considered from the start for medical practices


Disabled parking spaces, lower counters, stair lifts, and elevators – those are just a few of the provisions of an accessible medical practice. Yet many physician offices don’t meet these requirements. To make it easier for people with disabilities to find available accessible medical practices close-by, the "Accessible Practice" project has created a directory.
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