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Image: Two elephants hugging with their trunks; Copyright: Swanepoel

How do blind adults learn about animal appearance?


They have never seen animals like hippos and sharks, but adults born blind have rich insight into what they look like, a new Johns Hopkins University study found.
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Photo: Participants and host of the first 'She Can Lift' workshop; Copyright: World Para Powerlifting / Agitos Foundation

Powerlifting empowers female officials ahead of Eger World Cup


Achieving gender equity is priority number one for World Para Powerlifting as it continued its mission to empower women in the sport by staging the first women’s technical official course 'She Can Lift'. Participants from Czech Republic, Russia and hosts Hungary took part in the three-day course from 21-23 April ahead of the second World Cup of the year in Eger.
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Photo: Director talks to two young women who are involved in the film

Inclusive education: "Children of Utopia" creates new perspectives


The debate about inclusive education is stalling and generally doesn’t even let those who are most affected have their say: students both with and without disabilities. The German movie "Children of Utopia" ("Die Kinder der Utopie") wants to change all that. That's why it will be screened in several movie theaters on May 15 as part of a nationwide campaign event – followed by panel discussions.
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Photo: Two trainees in the educational venue (

Lernladen increases future retail employees’ accessibility awareness


What’s it like to shop when you suffer from tremors and have to get coins out of your wallet at the cash register in a hurry? And how much are you still able to see prices when you are dealing with a visual impairment? Many apprentices can only guess what that must be like. At the so-called Lernladen, they get to experience these scenarios first-hand with the help of simulation goggles and gloves.
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Photo: meeting in the PIKSL Lab

"PIKSL focuses on the removal of digital barriers"


Digital transformation does not only cause problems for persons with disabilities. Companies are also facing digital barriers they need to overcome. The PIKSL Lab makes digital inclusion its priority: together, individuals with and without disabilities work on removing digital barriers. In this interview with, Project Manager Tobias Marczinzik explains the PIKSL concept.
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