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Photo: Screenshots of the cognitive training game; Copyright: Tohoku University

Cognitive training game to improve driving skills among the elderly


Researchers at Tohoku University have developed a new cognitive training game aimed at improving road safety among elderly drivers. The game, "Cognitive Training for Car Driving" (CTCD), requires only a set top box and a TV, and for users to play it regularly.
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Graphic: Screenshot of the fuelService app, which shows two figures at a gas station; Copyright: fuelService

fuelService app helps drivers with disabilities to refuel their car


Your car ran out of petrol and you need support refuelling it? The new app fuelService is about to help you find a petrol station where you get the help you need. The app is for free and globally available. App founder Niall El-Assaad told how it works.
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Photo: Several houseboats next to each other at the jetty; Copyright: BunBo – Das BungalowBoot

BunBo: Accessible travel by houseboat


Peacefully floating along and clearing your mind of stress – a houseboat vacation makes it possible. But is accessible travel really an option in such a tiny space? Absolutely. Bungalow-style boats – abbreviated BunBo – make this dream come true. Depending on their size and equipment, they can accommodate four to six people and make for a unique vacation on the water.
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Photo: Pool landscape on deck of a cruise ship; Copyright:

Going on a cruise: Accessibility included


Far-off destinations, the expansiveness of the ocean, a touch of luxury aboard the vessel – cruise vacations are hugely popular. People with disabilities are also increasingly drawn to big cruise ships, which typically promise a worry-free vacation. But how accessible are the vessels, the staterooms, and shore excursions? Three veteran cruise travelers share their experiences.
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Photo: An accessible bus for the transport of people with disabilities. The hydraulic ramp is on the ground; Copyright:

TTC Wheel-Trans: Accessible transport for people with disabilities in Toronto


In Canada, the North Americans are far ahead of us Germans when it comes to accessibility. If you are a guest in Toronto, you not only have the possibility to travel with the usual public transport, but you can also opt for the 100 percent accessible alternative and use Wheel-Trans.
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