Jennifer Sonntag - That's how she rolls

She especially likes "lives with dents". And Sid Vicious does not hang at her walls as a poster anymore, but maybe he was a step on her ladder of knowledge. As an author and an artist, Jennifer Sonntag has pictures like these and a lot more in her head. They sometimes also help her when she is nervous. Read more as she shares some of them with us at!


Photo: Woman with black hair and black dress; © Agy Reschka

Jennifer Sonntag; © Agy Reschka

Photo: Jennifer Sonntag with her partner on parallel tandem; © Dörte Krampitz/ Reharadcentrum

Riding the parallel tandem with her seeing partner means more quality of life to Jennifer Sonntag, but also learning to trust; © Dörte Krampitz/ Reharadcentrum

Graphic: How we roll; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

© beta-web/Schmitz