JuSu Hubinger - That's how she rolls

JuSu Hubinger is a mother of two children. That she gave birth to them after the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis is as natural to her as the fact that she is living a fulfilled family life with MS. Which funny situations everyday life in a group of four has to offer and to what extend MS has an influence on it, she tells us on


Photo: JuSu Hubinger; Copyright: JuSu Hubinger

JuSu Hubinger; © JuSu Hubinger

Photo: JuSu Hubinger and the logo of her blog ; Copyright: JuSu Hubinger

Her shirt has the imprint "I have MS ... and nobody sees it...". On her blog "Mama Schulze" JuSu Hubinger makes MS and living with it - as a working mom of two kids - more visible; © JuSu Hubinger

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