Photo: Autistic boy sitting on a windowsill and using a tablet; Copyright: PantherMedia/Dubova

Autism: Overcoming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful enough, but for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, the crisis can be especially difficult.
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Photo: Mother and daughter hug their dog at the beach; Copyright: PantherMedia/AllaSerebrina

Stress in parents of children with autism: Pets may help whole family


While current events have increased stress for all families, parents of children with autism report higher levels of stress on average than parents of typically developing kids. Some parents turn to pets as a source of comfort and support. Now, research from the University of Missouri has found that pets lead to strong bonds and reduced stress for both children with autism and their parents.
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Photo: Ylvie on the arm of her mother, surrounded by three UKD employees; Copyright: Holger Ostermeyer/UKD

Diabetes: Ylvie takes part in German prevention study as 100th child


A next milestone could be achieved in the Europe-wide cooperation for the prevention of type 1 diabetes, GPPAD ("Global Plattform for the Prevention of Autoimmune-Diabetes"): 100 children are now participating in the study around Saxony. 5 months old Ylvie from Oderwitz was welcomed at the university hospital Carl Gustav Carus at the TU Dresden as the 100th study participant.
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Photo: Child looking at teaching material; Copyright: Ros Dumlao | Agitos Foundation

I’mPOSSIBLE offers teaching resources about Paralympic sports


With the coronavirus pandemic keeping families tightly together, parents can try something new with their children and help them learn about Paralympic sports through the Agitos Foundation’s I’mPOSSIBLE education toolkit.
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Photo: Director talks to two young women who are involved in the film

Inclusive education: "Children of Utopia" creates new perspectives


The debate about inclusive education is stalling and generally doesn’t even let those who are most affected have their say: students both with and without disabilities. The German movie "Children of Utopia" ("Die Kinder der Utopie") wants to change all that. That's why it will be screened in several movie theaters on May 15 as part of a nationwide campaign event – followed by panel discussions.
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Photo: Click-sonar coach Juan Ruiz while training with a kid; Copyright: Anderes Sehen e.V.,

"Long cane for children is a 'facilitator'– the chance to independently accomplish something"


The long cane offers the possibility to be independent and effectively mobile as a person with visual impairment. Children in particular could get used to him in a playful way. The association "Anderes sehen e.V." has co-developed the children's long cane. spoke to Ellen Schweizer, the founder of the association, about the fact that inclusion is not a burden, but can bring joy.
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Photo: Philipp Mahler with an avatar at MEDICA 2015

"The robot facilitates and promotes the connection between children"


A robot that provides a link between hospital and classroom? The project Avatar Kids makes this possible: acutely ill children are able to actively participate in school activities with the help of a tablet computer. The teacher facilitates the communication. spoke with Philipp Mahler of Avatar Kids about the opportunities this project provides.
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