Photo: A group of people with red balloons at an event for Rare Disease Day in Berlin; Copyright: ACHSE e.V.

Better care and networking: how networks fight for people with rare diseases


The International Rare Disease Day on February 29, 2020, shines a bright light on the lives of nearly four million people in Germany who live with rare diseases. It also addresses those among us who have perhaps never heard of these diseases. It is important to raise awareness for this cause, to put a face on rare diseases and improve the quality of life of those affected.
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Photo: During a demonstration in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin demonstrators hold up posters with the inscription:

Inclusion in Europe – An analysis of the Status Quo


Accessibility, inclusion and participation are just three of the central principles outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). They give clear directions to all countries that have ratified the UNCRPD. But how well do the individual nations actually fulfill and implement the requirements set forth by the United Nations Convention?
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Photo: Gamer in front of his screen during an eSports event; Copyright:

Accessible eSports: technically feasible, but lacking social visibility


Although it is a newer sport – and yes, it is not a sport in the traditional sense of the word – eSports enjoys mass appeal. Having said that, people face the same challenges in the digital realm as they do in the real world when it comes to the participation of people with disabilities for example.
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Photo: A woman in a beach wheelchair; Copyright: Timo Hermann |

Tourism for All: "Traveling is not just about physical access"


Tourism is for everybody. The aim of the British organisation Tourism for All is to make travel accessible. Whether travelers, policy makers or companies, Tourism for All wants to operate with and for everyone. asked, how the attitude of companies and politicians towards people with disabilities has changed and what the European tourism market has to offer.
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Photo: Patrick Dohmen in the LernLaden; Copyright: WDR/EUKOBA

Accessibility: "We need a shift in awareness in the retail sector"


Shopping with a disability is no easy feat: almost every store is not accessible. But what does accessibility in retail actually mean? spoke with Patrick Dohmen of the EUKOBA Association about the idea behind the LernLaden (English: Learning Store) and the awareness and sensitization project for retailers, employees and apprentices.
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Photo: meeting in the PIKSL Lab

"PIKSL focuses on the removal of digital barriers"


Digital transformation does not only cause problems for persons with disabilities. Companies are also facing digital barriers they need to overcome. The PIKSL Lab makes digital inclusion its priority: together, individuals with and without disabilities work on removing digital barriers. In this interview with, Project Manager Tobias Marczinzik explains the PIKSL concept.
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Photo: Dorothea Pitschnau-Michel

"World MS Day calls attention to the need for inclusion"


Since 2009, the World MS Day calls attention to multiple sclerosis and the people who live with this disease of the central nervous system around the world. spoke with Dorothea Pitschnau-Michel, Secretary of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG), about this special day, which always takes place on the last Wednesday of May.
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