Photo: Elderly woman exercising, assisted by an accredited exercise physiologist; Copyright: PantherMedia/

The unexpected benefits of tailored exercise for aged care residents


Tailored exercise programs led by accredited exercise physiologists don't just provide physical benefits for residents living in aged care – they improve mental wellbeing and social engagement, according to new Edith Cowan University (ECU) research.
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COVID-19 brief offers roadmap to government action for assisted living facilities


In a policy brief, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) offered a roadmap to guide federal, state, and local governments addressing COVID-19 concerns in an important but oft-overlooked arena: Assisted living facilities (ALFs). The brief, which joins an earlier statement on COVID-19 care in nursing homes, outlines recommendations based on the latest research and guidance.
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Photo: Elderly woman in a nursing home with a wheeled walker using a nose and mouth mask; Copyright: PantherMedia/Chai2523

Nursing homes prepared for pandemics, but COVID-19 reveals gaps


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit some nursing homes especially hard – including in the hotspot state of Michigan. Hundreds of deaths of residents in homes from Seattle to Boston have raised concerns about how well facilities are protecting the 1.3 million older Americans who live in them. Those concerns have prompted new federal and state requirements about testing and transparency.
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Concept for caregiver workload relief: "Empathy is a fundamental part of being human"


Caregivers encounter many different emotions in their jobs. Patients are in pain, have questions about their own mortality or they pass away. The empathy-based relief concept empCARE was founded to better handle these emotional experiences. With the help of training courses, caregivers are taught to learn how to prevent an empathic emotional overreaction.
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