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AQUILA - Walking Aid

AQUILA is a device dedicated to the children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other vari¬ous disabilities causing walking disorders.

AQUILA offers the independence and improves respiratory and cardiovascular functions through allowance of regular activity. AQUILA offers an option to adapt the settings to custom made mode, comfortable and safe for each patient thanks to the frame with the belts attached. Movement of one of the lower limb causes stimulation of the second lower limb which allows proper balance coordination.

The walking aid is needed in everyday life of children suffering for ex. cerebral palsy. Our aim is to reduce the final cost of the device to make it affordable for average family.

Advantages of the device:
• Easy to adapt
• Stabilization of the total length of the spine
• Defined movement of the lower limb in the sagittal plane
• Compact structure
• Interesting design