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A Vapor Ricon Handicare partnership makes wheelchair transport even safer

Paul Hemingway Business Unit Manager Vapor Ricon

Vapor Ricon – the leading manufacturer of transport and vehicle access lifts, has formed a new strategic alliance with Scandinavian company Handicare Auto to expand its range of innovative mobility products for wheelchair-users.

Vapor Ricon and Handicare Auto Products have worked hard to create the "RiconSecure' – a restraint for fastening wheelchairs in a vehicle, and 'Ricon Handifloor / Handiplate' – a flexible flooring system to change the interior layout of a vehicle to allow a wheelchair to be accommodated. Vapor Ricon will have total exclusivity on marketing the two products across the UK and Ireland, with the ability to promote into other European countries.

"Our partnership with Handicare means we are able to offer complementary products to users who required these items in addition to our market leading lift products, and we are delighted to be working with such a prestigious global manufacturer of transportation systems and restraints," said Paul Hemingway Business Unit Manager Vapor Ricon. "Furthermore, it gives convertors, who install our products, peace of mind knowing that all components are compatible and fully approved to UK and European standards.

“This partnership provides the catalyst for our product and service expansion throughout Europe, with the aim of becoming the first choice provider in accessibility systems.”

Vapor Ricon has formed a strategic alliance with Handicare to allow product sharing to take place and these are the first two products to be manufactured by Handicare with the Vapor Ricon brand.

'RiconSecure' is one of the strongest wheelchair and occupant restraint systems on the market, tested with a wheelchair load of 100kg. The system allows wheelchair users - who remain in their chair for vehicular transportation purposes - to be safe and secure within the vehicle. It secures the chair, and its passenger, to the vehicle floor giving maximum effectiveness both during journeys and when sudden braking or collisions occur.

'Ricon Handifloor & Handiplate' is designed with a high degree of flexibility that allows users to change the interior layout of their vehicle on the spot, meaning seats can be effortlessly moved down the base bonded rails (or even removed altogether) to enable easy access for a wheelchair. ‘Ricon Handifloor & Handiplate’ provides an aluminium base for the vehicle floor which attaches the 'RiconSecure' restraint system to the floor ensuring it remains in the correct position at all times for all wheelchair types and alleviates any operator error, delivering maximum safety each and every time. The system is especially suitable for MPVs, minibuses, ambulances, PTS vehicles and it also meets the new criteria laid down for bus operators.

Both RiconSecure and Ricon Handifloor and Handiplate are fully approved for most vehicle types including the new Ford Custom and are suitable for use in both public service and private vehicles.

“At Handicare we are very pleased about our partnership. We perceive Vapor Ricon as a strong partner and respect their position and innovation-generating ability within the Mobility Enhancement business. Our cooperation with Vapor Ricon gives us an opportunity to enter the markets in UK and Ireland which is a major advantage to our business,” commented Jan M. Jensen, Business Director of Hanidcare Auto.


Editor’s Note:

Vapor Ricon, party of the Wabtec Company, is a leading manufacturer and provider of lifts to all sectors of the transportation industry, and has been for over 30 years. The company is renowned for its quality lifts and attention to detail. Its range of products consists of the S and K Series Wheelchair Lifts and Cargo Lift. As the company continues to grow in the UK and trade in overseas markets new products will be added to its portfolio including the new Handi Secure floors and restraints.