AirMediPlus - Magazine for non-clinical respiratory


The trade magazine "AirMediPlus" informs you about the latest news for the intensive and resuscitation care: expert interviews, background reports for the intensive care and the performance of individual clinics are regularly on the content of the magazine. You also get an insight into the latest technological developments and advanced technologies of renowned firms. Reading tips, important event dates for training sessions and seminars on intensive care and respiratory care, and latest events round out the offerings.

Important resource for the industry of the respiratory care

The aim of the new magazine "ArMediPlus" is to provide the reader with current reports and information about the areas of non-clinical respiratory and critical care. Reports on the latest medical techniques and a portrait of a specialist, or about the people affected are a regular feature in the magazine dar. event and Literature supplement the content of the magazine and thus make it an interesting reference book for the professional audience.

Target group is always on the cutting edge of information

The trade magazine for ventilator-and ICU "AirMediPlus" is aimed at employees of multipliers such as personal counseling services in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, specialists, nurses, relatives, self-help groups and associations. The magazine is only sent to approved contacts, a distribution does not occur. All magazines go without losses in the target group.

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