Climbing Stairs Actively and Comfortably with StairWalker

Photo: StairWalker 

The world’s first technical novelty by ThyssenKrupp Encasa offers comfort, quality and power

ThyssenKrupp Encasa, one of the biggest suppliers of chair- and platformlifts in Germany, has developed a new technical tool assisting stair climbing. StairWalker provides soft and comfortable assistance at the user’s back or front for them to lean on. StairWalker‘s unique mechanical system allows the user to actively climb the stairs by himself, supported by a gentle push. So people learn to walk again or improve their mobility much faster – first under the guidance of a physiotherapist, and independently after that: StairWalker – the helping hand on the staircase and a stylish tool for fitness and mobility as well. It offers ergonomic design, modern materials and colours.

StairWalker is synonymous with the highest comfort of life and activity. ThyssenKrupp Encasa is the first and only company so far that took on the challenge of researching and developing such technical support for climbing stairs actively and keeping people fit and mobile. Patent application is pending for this innovation. StairWalker is suitable for straight staircases.

StairWalker is the perfect support tool that helps people to climb the stairs despite impaired mobility. They will feel that climbing up the stairs is getting much easier every time they use it. It will be the same with climbing down. So StairWalker is perfect for people who are still able to climb the stairs actively, but just need some degree of support. Also people who are learning to walk again, for example during or after rehabilitation, are getting the best support from StairWalker.

But StairWalker is more than a technical tool. Due to its attractive design it fits perfectly into every building as an exclusive accessory with nice material and modern colors as well as space saving installation and low noise.

StairWalker celebrated its premiere in September 2011 at the REHACARE in Germany. StairWalker will be commercially available soon.

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