Gripability GmbH

Gripability - Assistive Technology in the Field of Facilitation and Therapy

Gripability - assistive technology in the field of facilitation and therapy

Gripability presents its gripping and grasping aids in a sheltered workshop not far from Frankfurt

Peter Brown, director of the German sheltered workshop, is fascinated by the way Gripability offers such a great variety of possibilities to compensate a limited gripping and grasping ability.

"Some people want a gripper adapted to their body, others may benefit from a grip available on the work-table.", at least that's what I have experienced within my career, explains Mr. Brown.

"Gripability provides solutions for both needs." so Mr. Brown, "Today I want to talk about the Gripability Xhand."

"Gripability Xhand is a non-moving electropneumatic aid for gripping, holding and positioning objects. Through its wide ranging adaptability this easy-to-use aid enables teachers and therapists to greatly enhance the learning and empowerment process.", describes the director of the sheltered workshop with a smile and continues: "The Xhand’s pneumatic gripping devices are mounted to a sturdy frame and can be easily positioned to suit the individual. Both the gripping module and the frame are fully adjustable to allow high flexibility of positioning, holding of objects and gripping of different utensils."

"Absolutely great..." confirms the occupational therapist, Jeanette Meyer, "I definitely share Mr. Brown's enthusiasm for Gripability. The Xhand system is simple to operate. It is compatible with rehab switches and allied products, making it highly adaptable and enhancing even the abilities of children and youths with cognitive limitations."