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Gripability - New Prospects for Empowerment and Inclusion concepts

Gripability - new prospects for empowerment and inclusion concepts

With regard to empowerment and inclusion the gripping and grasping aids, Gripability Xhand and Gripability e3, provide a high potential on facilitation, therapy and learning possibilities for children and youths with physical disabilities and/or requirement for special educational needs.

"By using this assistive technology despite of functional and motoric limitations in gripping, holding and reaching children and youths can, in an activity related therapy or learning process, realistically come to learn and experience essential knowledge, ways of behavior as well as essential coherences between creative and technical mental activity and practical performance.", explains Paul Carter, the vocational therapist.

And his colleague, Susan Taylor, adds: "The in everyday life just as in the school and therapy routine with Gripability aids feasible possibilities of compensating a physical impairment disclose not yet achieved rooms to manoeuvre and prospects for empowerment and inclusion concepts."