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HASE BIKES PINO: The bike for everything you love

Ready to have fun with or without Handicap: the PINO

Hase Bikes is introducing the new PINO STEPS with mid-drive system.

Biking, alone or with a friend, child, or partner, fetching beverages for the meeting, or picking up your little one from nursery school on your way home from work. No other bike is as versatile as the PINO STEPS.

The rider on the rear upright seat has everything under control. The passenger or “co-pilot” sits completely relaxed in front. Both enjoy a panoramic, unrestricted view. The PORTER RACK on the lower frame offers space for large cargo. If you’re riding alone, you can further increase your cargo-carrying capacity with the new, lovingly designed CITY BAG on the front seat. And if the going gets tough with all that cargo: simply switch on the Shimano STEPS mid-drive system with the touch of a button on the handlebar display.

The PINO STEPS, developed by Marec Hase and his team of engineers, is even effortless to ride with heavy loads. The 50 Nm of torque pull you up any hill and take the sweat out of cargo or child transport. Thanks to the frame’s low and central center of gravity, the PINO handles like a dream, and the mid-drive system harmonizes perfectly with one or two riders – with no noise or vibration. “Everyone I’ve shown the bike to has been amazed at how seamlessly the e-motor is integrated into the PINO frame,” explained Hase Bikes dealer Monika Schwarz.

The PINO STEPS is the most versatile bike for errands in the city and excursions to the countryside. Riding fun, alone or as a couple, with the capacity to carry along everything you need: father and daughter taking their herb and flower seedlings with them to the garden project or two lovebirds riding to the lake for a relaxing evening with wine and a picnic blanket. The cameraman on his way to a film shoot in the park can pack all of his equipment in the optional 80-liter CITY BAG on the front seat. With its short wheelbase, the PINO is almost as maneuverable as a single-seater. “Regardless of how much cargo it’s carrying, the PINO is always unbelievably fun to ride.” Monika Schwarz was amazed at how easy it was to taxi around her 15-year-old son, Darius, when he hurt his foot and couldn’t pedal. For children from approx. 3’3” (100 cm) in height, there is also an optional children’s crankset that can be mounted in two minutes flat. And when your little tyke is tuckered out – no problem. The front passenger, be it adult or child, has a freewheel. Thanks to the special positioning of the two seats, it’s easy for the riders to discuss which picnic site is best, chat about the latest news from nursery school, or share their thoughts and impressions from the tour. The PINO STEPS is the bike for everything you love!