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HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg at REHACARE for the First Ttime

IHK Potsdam

From Everyday Life Assistance Tools to Certification

HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg will be present at REHACARE International Show for the first time/IHK Potsdam and HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg are presenting pavilion with 10 exhibitors

When REHACARE - the International Exhibition for Rehabilitation, Health Prevention, Inclusion and Care will open its doors on the 10th of October, 2012 the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg will be present with a special pavilion under the slogan “HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg” for the first time. 10 exhibitors are presenting their products and services ranging from software solutions, certification, functional clothing, audio technology, every day life aids, labour market to integration and barrier-free tourism.

REHACARE is the worldwide leading exhibition for products and services for people being disabled or ill and needing care. About 800 exhibitors from 34 countries make use of that meeting and communication platform in the growing market of rehabilitation and care.

The health related business sector (hospitals, health prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, services, biotech-nology, life sciences, pharmacy and medical technology) enjoys an high and special reputation in the busi-ness community of Berlin-Brandenburg. In the German Capital Region there are more than 360,000 people working in the health sector - that is every eighth employee in the region. They contribute about 16 billion Euros to the whole economic performance.

It is especially the charming and lovely natural landscape around the German Capital Berlin offering an excellent destination for health and rehabilitation tourists as well as for people being ill or disabled. The Federal State of Brandenburg with its offers being located around the town of Rheinsberg (Ostprignitz-Ruppin) is one of the pioneers in the field of barrier-free tourism in Germany and Europe.

IHK Potsdam (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) represents 77,000 member companies in the German Capital Region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Main sectors of regional economy besides the health related business are: Automotive, Aerospace, Energy (conventional, solar, wind, biogas, ICT, Film & Media, Logis-tics/Transportation. IHK Potsdam provides information and advice for start-ups, for international business (export, import, co-operation) and is responsible for the professional education in the region.