Terma Technologie Sp. z o.o.

Innovative Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb

AVIOR provides innovative treatment of various kind of crurotalar joint injuries, based on active, passive, active resistant and functional exercises.

The injuries of the crurotalar joint are nowadays one of the most common injuries of the osteoarticular system in all age groups of the society. It’s construction combines the most important features of the most popular and effective devices known in the medical equipment market, dedicated to lower limb rehabilitation.

Unique construction of AVIOR device makes possible to exercise passive, active and active resistant way. The functional rehabilitation gives possibility to exercises the ankle and the knee joints equally. Passive rehabilitation dedicated for patients with lower limb paresis is carried out thanks to connection of the base with manual arm that is handled by healthy upper limb.

Active exercises are realized by free movement possibility and usage of expanding resistant rubbers connected with the sole base and the frame of the device. Nerve and muscle systems stimulation is run by 4-20 Hz vibrations that makes the rehabilitation process more effective.

- Injuries of cartilage and tendon of the lower limb
- Strain of muscles and ligaments
- Twisting and dislocation of the crurotalar joint